Sunday, January 9, 2011

am I ?

 cant stop thinking of you :( 

your name , your face , our sweet moment appears all the time . 
you was in my dream when i'm asleep 
you were on my mind when i'm awake 
i cant stop searching you when i hope you were there 
i'm waiting for your text - always
i'll jump joy when you texted me 
you always cheer me up when i'm down 
i'll smile when heard your name 
i just cant let myself without you 

and , what does that mean ? i'm falling in love ? noway , i cant . i've promised myself not to fall in love again . no more couple for me . i just cant . ouh , please . go away feelings . i'm sick of you . please , go away . but , i cant . i cant throw it away . ohh GOD , help me ! humm . give me back my piece of heart . i need it . please . :((

love sick , 
me :'( 

broken english  =.='

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